Welcome to the #ArtTips Blog!

Welcome to the #arttips blog! The purpose of this blog will be to provide insight into the professional practice of illustration.

In a sentence, the blog will be an extension of my #arttips on Twitter.

I'll expand on the ins and outs of children's book Illustration, from an art director's perspective. 

It'll include visuals as teaching tools; the process of creating a cover; cover reveals; Q&A with art directors and illustrators; postcard visuals showing what I keep and what I don't; best practices for illustrators; a bit of art history; reposts of other blogs; portfolio assignments for illustrators; and much more.

I don't want to over promise and under deliver; so I'll say that it will be imperfect, a little sporadic (depending on my schedule), and by no means a great work of literature. 

But, if all goes well, we'll have fun. We'll learn. And we'll see how badly I need a copyeditor.

I hope by following this blog, you'll find useful information that will help your career. So let's get started.