On SCBWI, Advice for Authors and Illustrators

“You should attend an SCBWI conference.” 

At some point in our journey as authors and illustrators, we hear this piece of advice. But what does it mean? How should we prepare for a conference? How do we engage the faculty? What can we realistically hope to gain? In this post, Arthur Levine, Dan Santat, Martha Brockenbrough, Kendra Levin, Jen Rofé, Jennifer Laughran, Jim Hoover, Pat Cummings, Meg Medina, and Claudia Pearson—all veteran faculty members—and I share our tips on attending a Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators conference.

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Forget “Style”

“Finding my style” is one of the most commonly discussed topics among illustrators. Entire semesters, seminars, twitter chats, and blog posts are devoted to “style”.

And yet, of all the words in the lexicon of the art world, “style” is the one I hate the most.

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